Tips And Tricks On How To Make The Best Birthday Cake

Tips And Tricks On How To Make The Best Birthday Cake

Imagine a birthday party without a cake? Almost impossible, isn’t it? They have become so incorporated into our tradition that every party must have a cake, accompanied with the special entrance of the cake and a “Happy Birthday” song. Of course, this small ritual ends up with a wish and blowing of birthday candles, after which the cake is happily divided and eaten. Without the cake, the party would probably be dull and the kids would quickly become bored and annoyed and there would not be that special glitter caused by happiness in their eyes.

Birthday cakes are an integral part of our birthday parties, but this tradition only appeared in the early 19th century, even though there are some stories about cakes used in Germany during an event that they called Kinderfest, or Children’s Festival. Also, ancient Greeks and Romans also created cakes for special occasions, predominantly out of honey and similar ingredients, and they used those sweet cakes as a part of their rituals in various temples. Cakes, as we know them today, appeared in the 17th and 18th century, but they were mostly reserved for royalty or extremely wealthy members of the society, and only after the industrial revolution did they became a common occurrence on the tables of ordinary people.

Nowadays, people make birthday cakes themselves or they order them from specialized stores or pastry shops. They can order cakes in all shapes and sizes, and when it comes to the design – the options are limitless. There are few basic types of cakes, such as butter cakes, foam cakes and similar, but the number of variations and similar types is enormous.

If you decide to make a cake at home there are several things you should know, mostly because cakes are not something people make every day. Birthdays are a yearly phenomenon, and this means that we need to be careful and not allow our lack of preparation to ruin the special day. First of all, time management is extremely important, which means that you should start working on the cake long before the actual birthday party. Experts say that it is best to make a cake even a month before the birthday and then freeze it, which will make it easier for icing and you will avoid a headache that comes with making a cake the night before.

Also, experts say that it is best to stick with round cakes since this shape is much easier to cover when your are crumb coating and icing your cake. When it comes to icing, there are several types of it, such as fondant icing, royal icing or buttercream icing, and everything depends on your personal ideas and preferences.

In the end, do not forget to involve the kids in the process. They can help with many little things, depending on their age, and then the process of making a cake can be a fun and learning experience. Also, they will mostly focus on the appearance of the cake so make sure that you decorate it accordingly, with candles, sprinkles, and similar items.

An In-Depth Guide To Birthday Cakes

An In-Depth Guide To Birthday Cakes

Birthday cakes are an integral part of every birthday party, and it would be hard to imagine cheerful and happy kids without them being gathered around a cake, singing birthday songs and blowing into the candles. The importance of the cake is very big, which means that parents need to take care of this detail and that they need to prepare the best possible cake. Birthdays are special occasions and they need to be treated as such if we want to make every single one memorable and beautiful.

However, cakes were not the central part of our birthdays up until the early 19th century, but they did still play a part in our celebrations. Although the history of the birthday cake is not so clear and we don’t have a lot of written evidence, experts and historians say that the first cakes were used by the ancient Romans and Greeks. These two classical civilizations created cakes out of honey and similar natural ingredients, and they sometimes took cakes to temples of various gods. For example, in Greece, people mostly took their cakes to the temple of Artemis. In the West, birthday cakes appear in the books in Germany, but as late as 14th century. They were used as a ceremonial addition to the holiday that was called Kinderfest, which is translated as the Children’s Festival. In the 19th century, with the rise of the industrial revolution and the fact that people had more buying power, birthday cakes started to appear on the tables of ordinary homes and not just in palaces and castles of royalty and wealthy people.

Birthday cakes are nowadays a common occurrence and almost every kid wants to have a big, sweet cake for that special day of the year. Over the years, many types of cakes developed and there are numerous variations of this important dish. Generally, cakes can be divided into several basic types, such as butter cakes, foam cakes, cheesecakes and several others, but possibilities are limitless and creative people invent new solutions and produce new flavors every single day.

Modern birthday cakes are usually ordered from a specialty store or a pastry shop, but some people decide to be their own designers and they make cakes in DIY manner. Luckily, the process of making a cake is relatively simple and there is not much that can go wrong. Kids do not usually go into details and they will be happy with almost any taste as long as the cake has the looks, i.e. if it is designed in the shape of their favorite cartoon character, or an animal, or some similar shape. Professional bakers will decorate the cake with all sorts of additions and features, and there are many elements that are important when it comes to the appearance of the cake, such as icing, crumb coating and so on. But, kids will probably be equally happy if you make them a simple round cake, put some sprinkles and candles on top and sing “Happy Birthday” with them.

All You Need To Know About Birthday Cakes

All You Need To Know About Birthday Cakes

As we all know, birthdays are important, especially for the kids. Once we grow older the magical nature of birthdays slowly disappears and the aura of happiness that was once an integral part of your special day begins to fade. This is why birthday cakes are also important because they turn an ordinary party into an amazing and unforgettable experience. Cakes can come in all shapes and sizes, and there is probably no kid in the world that doesn’t want to have a nice, big cake, filled with candles for his favorite day of the year.

The history of birthday cakes goes a long way back, even to the times of the ancient Greece and Rome where people prepared honey cakes and used them for ceremonial purposes as well. Romans celebrated birthdays of various emperors and senators, as well as their private ones while the Greeks took the cakes to the temple of Artemis. In the Western civilizations, first traces of birthday cakes are found in Germany, where people celebrated an event called the Kinderfest, which translates as the Children’s Festival. However, it was not until the early 19th century that the cake as we know it today began to appear on the tables of ordinary people and not just for kings and queens, and at around that period we also have the first records of the usage of candles on birthday cakes.

Nowadays, cakes are made with all sorts of techniques and there are various types of cakes. The most common types of birthday cakes are butter cakes, foam cakes and even cheesecake, but there are numerous variations to these general types and creative minds of mothers and professional cooks come up with new designs and new flavors almost every day. Birthday cakes can be homemade or ordered from a specialty store, and this comes down to personal preference and convenience. Kids only know if the cake is there or not, and they hardly ask questions about the origin of their favorite dish.

Most birthday cakes that are made today are designed to represent some kind of character or they are combined with the overall theme of the party, and there are endless possibilities when it comes to the shape and appearance of the cake. Materials and technology are allowing new ways of production and every new improvement is quickly transmitted across the world with The Internet and other means of communication. Cartoon characters are the most popular type, but cakes can come in the shape of flowers, sun, animals or other similar things.

Every birthday depends on a cake, which puts pressure on the parents to deliver a perfect cake for their loved ones. Ordering a cake is a very simple process and this can be a good decision when parents are employed and busy since this will save them time and make everything easier. However, if you have time – it is not a bad idea to try and make a nice homemade birthday cake and your kids will certainly be grateful and happy, especially if you involve them in the process of making the cake.