Designed by Zilly Rosen exclusively for Dolci Bakery in Buffalo, NY

Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, Nov. 1-3, 2008

I worked over 40 hours with help of Photoshop and my friend Mo McKenna to design, bake, frost, and cover over 1200 mini cupcakes in 9 values of fondant.  Alex Davies built me a display surface that is about 5' x 6' in size.  His brilliant mind figured out how to hinge it in 2 places so it would fit in my car!

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008:
I created the installation at Shasti's studio, 1 block away from my house.  When the cupcakes are placed in specific order, they create a portrait of Barack Obama.  While nothing is original about using a grid to create an image, making the portrait from cupcakes is apparently original (or kitsch!) enough to attract some attention.  My friend, graphic designer, publicist, and cheerleader Shasti O'Leary Soudant took the pictures below of the work in progress on Tuesday.  She posted on Flickr (see link below)
and Rachel from cupcakestakethecake blog found the images and arranged an interview. (Link below). 

Wednesday, Nov. 5th

I took the installation apart and re-assembled it at the Buffalo Obama Headquarters in honor of the volunteers and the work they did on the campaign.  Pictures that I took there that day are below in the slide show.  I would have taken the cupcakes there to celebrate the volunteers whether he won or lost, by the way.  The Buffalo News sent a photographer, and Channel 2 sent a videographer and interviewer.  The piece was on TV Wednesday night, and then picked up by NBC as well! 

Thursday, Nov. 6th

Friends in California, D.C., and Chicago saw the news piece on MSNBC.  The photograph was on the front page of the Buffalo News, and then it was picked up by AP.  At this point  we have found it as far away as Beijing, China!  Lots of foodies are pretty excited about the image and have posted it to their blogs, and even the cynics seem to appreciate the labor involved. 

Would I do it again?  You bet!
How about for the Inauguration in January? 

Some links to check out:

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