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The 3 Top Juicing Machines

Useful tips on buying juicers

Fruit juice that is made at home is usually very nutritious because you can see what you’re putting into it. There is also another factor about the home made juices that you have to consider and that is the juicer that you are using. These are the top three juicers that you will find which will make you the best juice that you need. They were selected by checking out the reviews that were posted by the users who had bought them and also by looking at the ratings that have been posted by the online giant retail shops which sell them and also website such as eurojuices.com that provide reviews on juicer machines. You will find this be very helpful and the end result very satisfying.

The Phillips Avance Collection juicer HR1871/00

Top Juicing Machines
From the giant electronics company Phillips, we get this heavy duty juicer that can pretty much squeeze juice you of anything that you need. It has a huge surface area and will take up quite some space but considering the things that it can do, you will not be complaining much about the space that it takes up. The machine was made to withstand the brute strength of even unpeeled fruits and the movable and washable parts are easy to clean and return in making this an easy to maintain machine and that should make your days easier as you will not have much to worry about. It is a little enthusiastic about smaller fruits but with proper speed adjustments, you van make sure that not much of them end up in the pulp container.

The Sage Nutri Juicer Pro

The Sage Nutri Juicer Pro
This effective and very god machine that has a metal exterior and an extraction rate that is so high you will get all your juice comes with an ability to get all the nutrients that you will need for your juicing times. This machine also ensures that you retain all the goodness and rich juicy feel that you get when you are drinking the product. It has what is called the froojie disc which enables you to make sure that all the yield for smaller fruits is achieved and that you are getting all that you need at the end of the day. It has five different speed settings and the performance overall is great.

L’Equip XL

Top Juicing Machines
This is one of the best award winning all round juicers that you can find anywhere in the market. It will deliver quite the juice that you need while ensuring that none of it is wasted in any way. It is so easy to clean and it has a 6 year warranty so you know that it is not going to expire any time soon. It is a big monster and will take up some space on your counter which means that you will have to make room though it also makes up for space taken with the ability to chew up entire fruits.

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