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Best German Knife Set-My Top Two Favourites

Top Knife Choice For Top Chefs

Every great kitchen manned by a great cook will always need
a good set kitchen knife. While there are several brands of kitchen knives to
pick from, German Knives remain a top choice for top chefs. This article
focuses on the best German Knife set a kitchen can have and why they are they
are highly rated.

German knives are unique, durable and strong because of the steel from which
they are forged. The composition of an average German knife is 80 percent iron,
15 percent combination of chromium, molybdenum,
and vanadium, and 0.5 percent carbon (X50CrMoV15 combination). This combination
guarantees that German knives are stainless, corrosion resistant and have the
capability to last for a very long while. With that in mind, let’s have a quick
look at two of the best German Knives.

 Wusthof Classic 8-Piece Knife Set

Wusthof Classic 8-Piece Knife SetWith this classic knife set, ingredient preparation becomes a “piece of
cake”. Onion dicing, slicing tomatoes, chopping potatoes, and much more,
becomes very easy with the Wusthof classic Knife set.

The knives in this set are durable and long lasting, the full tang also
provides the much-needed balance while
cutting veggies. The set has shears with
handles that are designed to provide comfort when being used. The Wusthof Knives can be stored easily than the 15 slots provided in the knife block which can be placed on the counter. As the name suggests, Wusthof knives are classic and will captivate any cook that uses it.


Henckel’s Twin Four Star 7-PC Knife Set

Henckel's Twin Four Star 7-PC Knife Set

The Henckel’s Twin Four knife set contains a 5-inch serrated knife, 3-inch
paring, 6-inch utility knife, 9-inch sharpening steel, 8-inch chef knife, with
kitchen clippers and a bamboo block for knife storage. The ergonomic shape of
Henckel Twin Four Star Knives, make them friendly and easy to use regardless of
the type of kitchen.

Just like other German knife sets, Henckel knives are durable, stainless and
can last very long. The stylish design is also suitable for cutting ingredients
and veggies.

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