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Month: March 2017

My Top 3 Espresso Machine Brands

My Top 3 Espresso Machine Brands

2017 espresso machines brandsI am an espresso enthusiast. I don’t treat my cup of coffee as just a mere chilly morning brew, but a drink I can rely on whenever I need to take something burning down my throat. My warm cup of cappuccino is my ultimate ‘snack’ when watching my favorite movies and TV programs. Latte and mocha are the drinks that keep me alive whenever I have to plan a tough day ahead. For this reason, buying the best espresso machine is not an option. Through my vast experience, I have come to learn the power behind a brand. Brand quality is therefore one of the most important factor I keep in mind in case I need to buy an espresso maker. Regardless of the type of machine I yearn for, my desire is to always be in the safest hands hence selecting the best brand is one thing I never compromise.

The following are espresso machine brands that have worked wonders for me;

Breville Espresso Machines

The espresso machines from this brand have been my best friends since they have enabled me make the best of the shots in my cooking career. Breville espresso makers are of the highest quality since they are made with state-of-the art materials that ensure unquestionable durability and enhance a glamorous look. When it comes to giving my espresso shots a decent and palatable flavor, Breville espresso makers never disappoint thanks to their high pressure levels and ability to heat high temperatures. The best feeling an espresso machine owner can have is when it brings with it ease of cleaning and maintenance. With an easy to remove and clean water reservoirs, the convenience this brand’s espresso machines bring along is way much ahead of its competitors.

Delonghi Espresso Machines

Being a familiar and undoubtedly one of the most recognized brand in the market, this is a brand that has manufactured the best espresso makers I have bought on a tight budget. What I love most about this brand is the fact that despite the price tags that come with its espresso machines, they actually make better espresso than the most expensive brands in the market. This is because they are carefully crafted with the best materials and utmost care to ensure the richest, darkest, and the most delicious espresso. With this brand, it does not matter what kind of budget you are working with, there will always be a perfect espresso machine for you.

Gaggia Espresso Machines

I know Gaggia espresso machines because of one popular reason; durability. Honestly, the Gaggia espresso maker I use today was purchased by my grandmother 30 years ago and it still looks as good as new each day. When it comes to ease of use, this is one brand that I can praise without fear. Its espresso makers have the easiest and the most user-friendly interface I have used since I began my brewing career. It is one brand whose benefits can be enjoyed by anyone in the society. This explains why its espresso machines are highly rated by customers in the major online markets. I believe a brand can make you or ruin you completely. The above espresso machine brands have contributed to my espresso brewing success hence I choose to celebrate them in writing.

They are my undisputed kitchen heroes.

Best German Knife Set-My Top Two Favourites

Best German Knife Set-My Top Two Favourites

Top Knife Choice For Top Chefs

Every great kitchen manned by a great cook will always need
a good set kitchen knife. While there are several brands of kitchen knives to
pick from, German Knives remain a top choice for top chefs. This article
focuses on the best German Knife set a kitchen can have and why they are they
are highly rated.

German knives are unique, durable and strong because of the steel from which
they are forged. The composition of an average German knife is 80 percent iron,
15 percent combination of chromium, molybdenum,
and vanadium, and 0.5 percent carbon (X50CrMoV15 combination). This combination
guarantees that German knives are stainless, corrosion resistant and have the
capability to last for a very long while. With that in mind, let’s have a quick
look at two of the best German Knives.

 Wusthof Classic 8-Piece Knife Set

Wusthof Classic 8-Piece Knife SetWith this classic knife set, ingredient preparation becomes a “piece of
cake”. Onion dicing, slicing tomatoes, chopping potatoes, and much more,
becomes very easy with the Wusthof classic Knife set.

The knives in this set are durable and long lasting, the full tang also
provides the much-needed balance while
cutting veggies. The set has shears with
handles that are designed to provide comfort when being used. The Wusthof Knives can be stored easily than the 15 slots provided in the knife block which can be placed on the counter. As the name suggests, Wusthof knives are classic and will captivate any cook that uses it.


Henckel’s Twin Four Star 7-PC Knife Set

Henckel's Twin Four Star 7-PC Knife Set

The Henckel’s Twin Four knife set contains a 5-inch serrated knife, 3-inch
paring, 6-inch utility knife, 9-inch sharpening steel, 8-inch chef knife, with
kitchen clippers and a bamboo block for knife storage. The ergonomic shape of
Henckel Twin Four Star Knives, make them friendly and easy to use regardless of
the type of kitchen.

Just like other German knife sets, Henckel knives are durable, stainless and
can last very long. The stylish design is also suitable for cutting ingredients
and veggies.

What’s Your Favourite Ice Cream Cake?

What’s Your Favourite Ice Cream Cake?

Summer is just around the corner, and you’re probably thinking of what desserts you can have for the summer season. Not only are these ice cream cakes very easy to make from home, but these are also a fun way to earn yourself some extra cash by selling them to your family and friends. Keep reading to find out what our top picks are! (Source: https://cakejournal.com)

Brownies Ice Cream Cake

1. Brownie Ice Cream Cake

This amazing brownie ice cream cake is made with a combination of vanilla ice cream, marshmallows and you guessed, brownies! It’s very easy to make and something both kids and adults will enjoy. It’ll be a wonderful afternoon treat in the heat of the summer!

2. Cookies And Cream Ice Cream Cake

All you need to do to make this cookies and cream ice cream cake is to use a combination of either vanilla ice cream or a cookies and cream ice cream. To make your cake base, crush some dark chocolate cookies. You can also use Oreo cookies which are even better!

3. Mint Chip Brownie Ice Cream Cake

How about some added coolness by having this super refreshing mint chip brownie ice cream cake? You will need brownies on the bottom layer, mint ice cream on the middle layer, and vanilla ice cream on the top layer. Add some chocolate chips and mint leaves on top to decorate and add some flavors!

4. Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cake

Want to satisfy your peanut butter craving in a cold way? Try this peanut butter ice cream cake! You can use crushed chocolate cookies or bake a chocolate cake, add some chocolate or vanilla ice cream in the middle layer, and some pure peanut butter on top to make this ice cream cake at home. The nutty flavor combined with the coolness of ice cream is priceless!

5. Mango Ice Cream Cake

Mango is a tropical fruit and is very refreshing to have in the summer to enjoy with your ice cream cake. Try this mango ice cream. It’s best with vanilla ice cream to help add to the sweetness without diverting attention from the natural flavors of this fruit. A refreshing dessert in the height of the heat!

What’s Your Favorite?

These recipes are all so very easy to make. Try them all and please let us know what you think! Or better yet, give them your own twist and try out different recipes. It should be easy to find different variations online! Share this article if you found it useful. Thanks for reading! 

Reference: https://cakejournal.com/guestposts/top-5-best-ice-cream-cakes